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Studio Forza offers accessible, interdisciplinary arts experiences through expert education and performance In Bloomington, Indiana. By engaging in the visual and performing arts, our students learn to harness personal expression and creativity. Our team inspires individuals to develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts in our community.


"I wanted to tell you that I am impressed with Studio Forza...My husband works in business and I am a teacher so I have to say we are a hard pair to impress when it comes to education or instruction-based organizations.  But, already more than once, various things about how you run the studio have caught my attention enough for me to tell others about being pleased with the studio.  It is refreshing to receive top-notch service!  :)"

Tara Green - Studio Forza Parent

 “Music has opened up a whole new world for Lane. We are so amazed at how quickly he has caught on to everything that Mike and Katie have taught him. He can't get enough. He practices at least 3 hours a day on both his guitar and piano. When he is not practicing, he is looking up new music and downloading chord sheets from his computer or researching concerts on his Ipad and studying how other Artists perform their songs. We are so very thankful that Katie was a substitute for Lane last school year! It has been such a huge blessing for him and us!!”

Piper Cohen - Studio Forza Parent 

“I was apprehensive about taking the class since I am musically challenged but I have really enjoyed listening and learning. Thanks!"

Tommi - Music History Mania Student

 “This was a pleasant learning experience conducted in an informal and comfortable setting.”

 Lee - Music History Mania Student

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