Studio Forza

Unleash the POWER of your creativity!

Studio Forza offers accessible, interdisciplinary arts experiences through expert education and performance In Bloomington, Indiana. By engaging in the visual and performing arts, our students learn to harness personal expression and creativity. Our team inspires individuals to develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts in our community.

Private Lessons Policies and Procedures

Payment information

     For session enrolled students lesson tuition is due in full on the first lesson of the current session. 

     For pay as you go students payment is due in full at the start of every lesson. 

     Pricing is subject to change at the start of each session. 

Cancellation Policy

     A 24 hour notice must be given before any lesson cancellation and it is the sole discretion of the instructor to allow a makeup. 

     It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a makeup lesson with their instructor subject to the instructor’s availability. 

     All makeup lessons must take place before the end of the session. 

     No refunds will be given for missed lessons. 

     For sickness related cancellations, we still want to see you even if you are not 100%! As long as you are not contagious and well enough to go to work or school then you are welcome to still attend your lesson.

Lesson preparation expectations

     Students are required to be on time and ready to work for every lesson.  Late students will not receive extra time at the end of their lesson. 

     Students are expected to have practiced during the week based on the instructors specifications and be musically prepared for every lesson.  Do your homework!


     Addendums may be added to these policies that are specific to your instrument and/or instructor. 

     These policies are subject to change at the start of each session.