Studio Forza

Unleash the POWER of your creativity!

Studio Forza offers accessible, interdisciplinary arts experiences through expert education and performance In Bloomington, Indiana. By engaging in the visual and performing arts, our students learn to harness personal expression and creativity. Our team inspires individuals to develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts in our community.

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Welcome! We are Mike Walker and Katie Dukes, the founders of Studio Forza. The journey of our company started when we met while pursuing our undergraduate degrees in music. Through our performing, teaching and traveling we began to think of the world of music in a new way. We realized that the classical arts are facing a dwindling public interest, disconnected audiences and a lack of innovation. Do not fret though! These challenges to the classical arts creates enormous opportunity. This is an exciting transitional time in the arts and we want Studio Forza to lead this transition into a level of connection with the local and global community only dreamed of before. Most people are unfamiliar and intimidated with classical music and this discourages them from attending “high art” performances. They have trouble connecting to the relevance or importance that classical music can offer their lives. In contrast, others attend because they must consume their “cultural vegetables” instead of for personal enrichment. We believe if people are given the opportunity to hear something masterful in an innovative way in conjunction with a little bit of guidance, it will ignite their love affair with music.

Studio Forza came to fruition in 2012 with an assortment of private lessons, group classes, artistic outings and unique performances. The heart of our company is to inspire others with the power of art and music. Art is visceral, and is meant to be experienced as well as observed. We accept the challenges of our times and can't wait bring the power of music and art to you!

Katie is an opera singer, I am a french horn player and we both love teaching. We were married in 2011 and currently live in Bloomington Indiana with our dog Isolde. We would love to hear from you or even see you at one of our events!

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