Studio Forza

Unleash the POWER of your creativity!

Studio Forza offers accessible, interdisciplinary arts experiences through expert education and performance In Bloomington, Indiana. By engaging in the visual and performing arts, our students learn to harness personal expression and creativity. Our team inspires individuals to develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts in our community.

What age groups/levels of students does Studio Forza Teach?

We teach all ages and levels! It is never too early or too late to have music and art be a part of your life.

How old does my child have to be to begin music lessons?

Studio Forza caters to every student. However, a student needs to be able to focus for about 30 minutes to get the full benefits of a lesson. Our youngest students are around 5-6 years old and generally begin with piano lessons. As our class schedule develops we plan to open classes specifically geared to younger students. More specifically, classes that will teach young kids about the fundamentals of music and art, but encourage movement and creativity! (Example: Movement in music class)

How old does my child need to be in order to begin voice lessons?

Typically voice lessons should begin around age 12-13. (Or once you child hits puberty! Note: Age ranges can be a bit older for boys) It is important to allow the vocal cords and physiology of a student to mature before they begin technical work on their voice. 

How much should my child “practice”?

At Studio Forza our students perform! Every note they create is a mini performance at their best level. We know that kids are busier than ever, thus we want their daily musical routine to be fun and exciting. We suggest quality and frequency rather than mindless quantity. For our younger students we recommend about 20 minutes per day of performing the assigned material. For our older students the amount of time spent on music varies based on their goals. These goals will be outlined in lessons and determined by the teacher. Remember, the key to making something second nature is by making it a habit! Perform for your parents, dog, neighbors and friends. Music is an art to be shared. Constantly performing reduces performance anxiety, brings joy to others and creates exciting performers as opposed to musical parrots.

Where can I purchase music books for SF classes?

All of our books are listed on our Student Resources page under the Classes tab. There are links to Amazon for all the books as well!

Can I refer a friend and get a discount on my classes?

Yes! Get 15% off 1 session price if your friend signs up for a session.  There is no limit to how many friends you can refer! 

Does Studio Forza offer any other discounts?

Yes! If you have multiple members of the same family taking lessons with us, receive 10% off all lessons for the second member, 15% off for the third member, and 20% off for the 4th member.  This applies to pay as you go or session pricing.

Does Studio Forza offer any free courses?

Frequently we will offer guest lectures, free performances and other events. Please check our Events page or sign up for the Studio Forza newsletter to stay informed.