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Studio Forza offers accessible, interdisciplinary arts experiences through expert education and performance In Bloomington, Indiana. By engaging in the visual and performing arts, our students learn to harness personal expression and creativity. Our team inspires individuals to develop an understanding and appreciation for the arts in our community.

Fall 2013 Classes

Clef and Canvas

Have you ever wondered where music came from and how it evolved over thousands of years? Are you an art lover, but don't know much about how it has change throughout history? Join us for a music  and art appreciation/history course that will blow your mind and entice you to listen to things you have never heard before and look at art in ways you never thought possible. Instructed by Mike Walker, Katie Dukes, and Brittany Davis, this class is designed to introduce you to a wide spectrum of musical genres and their artistic counterparts. During each and every lesson we discuss how music and art evolved and interacted over time.  Topics will include not only classic works, but will also venture into the exciting world of modern expression.  An optional community field trip opportunity will also enrich this learning experience by enabling students to take the lessons out of the classroom, and into the real world of art and music!

*All class field trips are optional. Concert tickets and travel expenses are not included in class price!

This class has just ended!

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Previous session class topics

The Beatles

* Optional field trip to see Columbus Indiana Philharmonic - A Tribute to The Beatles

Pop Art

Musical Terms and The History of Instruments

Mahler 4

* Optional field trip to see Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra - Paavo Conducts Mahler 4

Gilbert and Sullivan (H.M.S. Pinafore)

* Optional field trips to see IU Opera - H.M.S. Pinafore

Students Choice

Cost: $120 for full 6 weeks/ $22 per single session




Group Violin Lessons

This class is excellent for young children (3-5) or anyone just wanting to see how fun playing the violin can be! Violin lessons are offered in groups of 3 for one-hour lessons. Classes will run in six-week sessions and be comprised of individual instruction as well as group activities. Find a group of friends that want to learn together or contact us and we will place you in an age appropriate group.

Instructor: Rose Sciaroni

Time: TBA (determined during registration)

Cost: $120/student for 6 weeks

*Minimum 3 students per class


Pricing is for a 6 week session

Music, Movement, and Performance for Kids

Summer Camp 13.jpg

Music and Motion is a chance for the younger artist from ages 7-8 to explore rhythm and music in a way that is creative, engaging, and physical. Students will learn to pick apart a piece of music, listen to specific elements and instruments, and find ways to embody what we hear through movement. We'll work as a team to incorporate all these elements into a short performance that's sure to look nothing like any school play you've ever seen. Having a music or dance background is not at all required. By actively listening to music and putting findings into motion, students will advance their analytical skills, team working skills, creativity and overall health and wellness.

Instructor: Katie Dukes Walker

Location: Allison Jukebox Community Center

Date: TBA

Cost: $30 per student 

Minimum/Maximum Number of students for this section: 4/10